Why train hard, when you can train smart?

A 20 minute Kettlebell workout can burn calories equivalent to a 4 hour cardio workout.

Kettlebell workouts can be highly intensive and equally efficient when it comes to burning fat and gaining strength. They can transform your fitness, body and life in very short periods of time. Kettlebells offer a different kind of training; they can be incredibly difficult to master yet beautifully poetic when performed correctly.

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    Fat Burn

    Whether you want to lose weight or keep the pounds off, no other workout will produce the same results in the same period of time.

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    Lean Muscle

    You will get significantly stronger. This will facilitate faster muscle development for a more toned physique.

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    Move Better

    Numerous fitness fads today promote high intensity workouts with increased risk of injury. We focus on quality of movement. Once attained, we make it stronger then up the intensity.

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    Feel Great

    This is our philosophy at Life Athletes. Increase energy so you can live life to the fullest pain-free.

Our Brands of Kettlebells

Our premium body composition group class for fat burn and muscle tone. We will work you hard, but you’ll feel amazing at the end. Workouts include kettlebell swings, various lifts and squats. Occasionally we throw in body weight, battle ropes, skipping and box jumps to spice things up. We guarantee you loud music, lots of sweat and plenty of smiles. Suitable for all levels.

Hardstyle kettlebells is the ‘sprinter’ version of kettlebell training. A total body workout with maximum tension applied to every lift. If you are after muscle tone and accelerated fat loss, then these are the classes for you. Some of the workouts will be intense mixing various lifts with lots of swings. Pumping music and mood lighting always on the menu. Fun will be had.

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